ASN024 Autism Level 2

Designed for:

Staff with an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders looking to further their knowledge and expertise in this area.

Ideally, applicants will have attended the Level 1 Autism training course, although this is not essential.


On completion of the course, participants will have an increased awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorders in children and young people.

Each session of this course will focus in depth on a different area of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including assessment, communication, behaviours, sensory processing, health, wellbeing and mental health.

Sessions will be led by Education and Health professionals, including Educational Psychology, Paediatrics, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, School Nursing Service.

The final session will be a review of the training and discussion of the impact on practice.

Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm – please note the session on 16th March will be from 2pm- 4.00pm.

Please note all sessions will now take place in the Meadowpark Communication Provision  of Knox Academy. This is based on Victoria Road, Haddington.

**Delegates must be able to attend all 7 sessions**

Date and Venue Session descriptor Presenter(s)
1 Tuesday 16th January 2018-


Introduction Diagnostic assessment process

We will consider the multi-agency information-gathering that contributes to the early stages of Autism Assessment. We will consider a range of factors that influence how children learn and develop and about how this information can be used to contribute to the Autism Assessment process. We will discuss different types of clinic assessments including the ADOS assessment (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule).

Elaine Dale (paediatrician)

Sarah Williams (Educational Psychologist)

2 Tuesday 30th January 2018-



This session covers language, communication and interaction difficulties and the impact of these in a classroom setting. We will consider strategies and practice that can be used to support pupils.


Laura Gray

(Speech and Language Therapist)

3 Tuesday 6th February 2018


Smart about Sensory

This session explores the area of sensory processing.  Participants will gain an insight into their own sensory preferences, be able to recognise possible sensory processing issues in the children they work with, and to understand and be able to apply the practical strategies to support a child with sensory processing issues.

Angie McLeman (Occupational Therapist)


4 Tuesday 20th February 2018


Understanding distressed behaviour

This session will give a brief overview of the distressed behaviour that children and young people with ASD display. It will explore some of the potential reasons for this distress and delegates will be asked to share experiences. Assessment tools to chart and explore distressed behaviour in details will be shared and discussed. The session will end with some useful advice about how we can manage our reaction to this behaviour and helpfully support children with ASD.  A key message from this session is that distressed behaviour is communication which serves a function and increased understanding amongst staff can help to support and manage it.

Lynne Binnie (Educational Psychologist)
5 Tuesday 27th February 2018


Health and Wellbeing

Physical health problems, with some practical information on encopresis / toileting, and sleep.


Marie Leitch and Kate Triscott ( Nursing Service)
6. Tuesday 6th March 2018


Mental Health

Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a mental health disorder. It is perfectly possible to have ASD and very good mental health. However many children with ASD experience mental health problems such as anxiety or depression, and other neuro-developmental conditions such as ADHD.  This session provides an overview of these and gives participants strategies for supporting these children and for promoting good mental health.

Fiona Mathers and Martina Mungall (CAMHs)
7. Friday 16th March 2018


Review of training and impact on practice Lynne Grant  (Education Support Officer) and Susan Hagart (Deputy Head Teacher -The Cove)



To book a place on this course please email staff development quoting course reference ASN024 along with your name, designation, school and contact email.