CFE041 Numeracy Academy for Early Years

This is a course for early years and childcare practitioners

The aims of the course are:

  • To develop a knowledge of the conceptual development of young children in numeracy and maths
  • To develop a knowledge of the Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning (SEAL), particularly the emergent child
  • To examine quality play and real experiences that support children in their conceptual development
  • To examine the role of the adult in supporting children’s conceptual development in play and real experiences

The course will cover:

  • Young children’s conceptual development in numeracy and maths
  • The Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning (SEAL) in particular the emergent child
  • How early conceptual development and emergent numeracy experiences link to the later stages of SEAL
  • Quality play experiences e.g. block play, using collections in play, schematic play, music, physical play
  • Quality real experiences
  • Language and the development of numeracy and maths

This course is over two sessions. Between the sessions participants will be asked to:

  • Undertake reading
  • Put their learning into practice in their own setting
  • Write a reflective journal

This work will link to Professional Update and could also link to a practitioner enquiry.

The sessions dates are as follows:

25th October 2017, 8th November 2017, 22nd November 2017, 24th January 2018 at 4.30pm-6.30pm at Windygoul Primary School

Delegates need to be able to attend all four sessions.

Trainers for the course will be Sally Murray, Acting DHT at Haddington Infants and Viv Short, Principal teacher at Windygoul.

To book a place on this course please email the staff development team with the course reference, your name, designation, organisation and email address.