Workshop on Raising Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)

Who should attend?

 This workshop is for any member of staff who is has joined the Education department from September 2018.

 Why should you attend?

One of the challenge questions in HGIOS? 4 in relation to safeguarding and child protection asks “How do we ensure that staff are kept up-to-date with safeguarding practice including for example, e-safety, extremism, female genital mutilations and child sexual exploitation?” This workshop will keep you up-to-date with safeguarding practice in relation to extremism.

What will you learn? 

The aim of the session

  • Understand Prevents aims.
  • Think about who may be vulnerable to terrorism.
  • See why some people are able to influence and manipulate others to commit crimes.
  • Recognise when a vulnerable individual may be in need of your help.
  • Be clear on what help and support looks like in this area and who you should turn to if you have concerns.

Where and when is learning?

 Tuesday 28th January 2020 16301800 – Saltire Rooms 1+2, John Muir House, Haddington.

Tuesday 25th February 2020 1630 – 1800 – Saltire Rooms 1+2, John Muir House, Haddington

 How to apply?

Bookings for this course are now open and can be made online via the Booking Live

CFE003 Wrap Training for Education Staff 28/01/2020

CFE004 WRAP Training for Education Staff 25/02/2020