Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety

Date & Time :

6th May 2020  16.15 -17.45

Location :

Preston Lodge High School

Designed For :


Outcomes :

Develop understanding of cyber resilience and internet safety curriculum

Outline Programme :

Gain an understanding of the ever-changing world of cyber security and internet safety and the attitudes and online habits of young people, that families and educators can use to defend themselves against some of the challenges that online life can exert.  High profile issues like streaming and sexting can be explored but also the kind of research and online resources which exist to support teachers, parents and young people engage positively with this area of their digital citizenship.  This is discussion-based session, covering the main concepts in CRIS and the resources available for support.

Note : All attendees should know their Glow login details.  Contact IT if required. 

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