Sound Before Symbol


Cohort 1

Part 1:         Friday 27th September 2019

Part 2:         Friday 31st January 2020

Cohort 2

Part 1:         Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Part 2:         Wednesday 29th January 2020


Cohort 1

Part 1:         1400 – 1600

Part 2:         1400 – 1600

Cohort 2

Part 1:         1800 – 2000

Part 2:         1800 – 2000

Venue:      Wallyford Primary School (All Sessions)

Outline Programme

(Participants must attend Part 1 & Part 2)

Sound Before Symbol, Using Music and Song to Develop Emergent Literacy.

To build confidence and skills in early years staff, so that they can lead songs and musical games in their setting that develops the skills required for phonological awareness and listening skills as well as supporting motor skills and positive connections to others.

Tutor: Consultant Dave Trouton

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Sound Before Symbol

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