PC08 Excellence and Equity Festival for Early Years

East Lothian Early Learning and Childcare Twilight Sessions 2017/18

Session PC08: Excellence and Equity Festival for Early Years

Date: Wednesday 20th June

Venue: Townhouse: Haddington

Time: drop in 4.30-6.30

A Twilight Session designed for practitioners working in Early Learning and Childcare in East Lothian as part of a series of twilight sessions to build our ambition to be reflective practitioners dedicated to delivering the highest quality early learning experiences. The sessions provide an ideal opportunity to develop a partnership network and to share practice.

Session overview:

A festival to celebrate quality early years provision in East Lothian

  • A market place to include practitioners sharing the impact of their improvement plans and professional organisations.
  • A ‘coffee and conversation’ cafe for practitioners to converse and share ideas.
  • A timetable of ‘focused conversations’ with practitioners explaining in greater detail their improvement journey.

The festival will provide opportunities for practitioners to:

  • Look inwards – Evaluate own practise informed by the improvements shared
  • Look forwards – Explore what the future might hold for improvement in your
  • Look outwards – Learn from elsewhere to challenge your own thinking 


To book your place at this event please visit https://eastlothian.bookinglive.com/home/staff-development/early-learning-and-childcare/pc08/