“Coaching ultimately has one purpose, which is to help an individual or organisation be more successful.”

Success Intelligence

The GTCS Standards for Career Long Professional Learning (SCLPL 3.3.2), the Standard for Middle Leadership (SML 3.3.2) and the Standard for Headship (SFH 3.3.2) refer to PRD and Professional Learning and the use of coaching and mentoring skills to support the PRD process to ensure that meaningful and rigorous PRD takes place regularly and that the outcomes of the process contribute to professional practice.

Coaching Wheels are valuable tools to support your self-evaluation and reflection of any area of your practice and indeed life.  A coaching wheel can be applied to the Standards and help you create clarity about the areas of the Standard(s) you wish to focus on.  By using a Coaching Wheel you can perform a simple gap analysis about where you are now and where you would like to be.

If you like to find out more about how to use a Coaching wheels and what is involved in either being coached or becoming a coach please contact Margo Cunningham at