Having a Coaching Conversation

This workshop has been designed to support staff at all levels to engage with a coaching.  The context for the workshop and the coaching conversations is the PRD process.

The revised GTC Standards state that as a registered teacher to demonstrate your professional skills and abilities you are required to ‘commit to lifelong learning, through an ongoing process of professional review and development that impacts on the learning of children and young people’. (SFR 3.3.2).

Line managers are encouraged to lead and work collaboratively to ‘develop coaching and mentoring skills and promote the use of coaching and mentoring principles and approaches which support professional learning and foster a culture of peer support, commitment and collegiality’. (SML 3.3.2)

Designed for: PRD Reviewers & Reviewees

Tutor: Agnes Hendry


  • 10th September 2021
  • 11th March 2022
  • 29th April 2022


More effective PRD sessions by using a coaching approach to support reflection and professional dialogue


  • The expectations and purpose of the PRD process.
  • Understanding of coaching and how it can be used in professional conversations.
  • Practical experience and development of coaching skills and techniques which can be used to enhance the PRD process.

During the pandemic this workshop will be held virtually.

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