Co-operative Learning for Teaching Staff 2020/2021

This course has been postponed from March 2021. Bookings remain open. 


The Johnsons (1990) define Cooperative Learning as

“…the instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximise their own and each other’s learning.” A task is set where small structured small groups of between 2 and 4 pupils work through until they have successfully understood and completed it. Being successful or unsuccessful depends on the entire group but each pupil is also individually accountable. Academic goals within Cooperative Learning are always coupled by a supporting social skill and equal weighting is given to each.

Researched benefits of Cooperative Learning include higher attainment (including higher level reasoning, critical thinking skills, deeper understanding of material and retention), improved relationships, personal and academic support, self-esteem and increased ability to cope with adversity and stress (resilience). Pupils are more active participants in the learning process; they care about the class and material and are more personally engaged.

During the programme, participants will:

  • be introduced to the authentic and copyrighted ‘Johnson and Johnson model of Cooperative Learning’, both the theory and how it translates in practice
  • become familiar with the ‘Five Basic Elements’ which ensure that all group work is collaborative, powerful and active
  • explore how Cooperative Learning benefits pupils in each phase of education
  • consider both the academic and social aspects of learning through practical examples, facilitation and collaboration with colleagues
  • plan specific Cooperative Learning tasks and put them into practice when back in school
  • consider how Cooperative Learning connects directly to reducing the attainment gap and improving outcomes for children and young people
  • return for two half-day ‘Recall Sessions to share experiences and successes, and to further deepen their understanding



In light of the current Covid restrictions this course will now take place on the following dates:

  • Friday 24th September 2021
  • Saturday 25th September 2021
  • Friday 1st October 2021
  • Friday 12th November 2021

All sessions will be held 0900 – 1600.

Delegates must be able to attend all dates.

Cost:  Although there is a cost for this course on this occasion we have waived this fee.

Book a place:  To book places for teaching staff on this course please e-mail the name, designation and establishment to the Staff & Development team, quoting reference CFE002.