Building Early Years Leadership

Programme Aims

The programme is designed for practitioners who want to develop leadership in Early Learning and Childcare and aims to:

  • Recognise their leadership skills and identify areas for personal development.
  • Develop their leadership skills in line HGIOELC 1.1 – 1.5 and the National Standard.
  • Reflect on their learning and leadership development in practice.
Course Content

Leading the Way
What makes a good leader?
Leading Skilfully
Explore models of leadership, practical application of these models and recognising your own leadership skills.
Leading Positively
Challenging conversations, approaching challenges, positive ethos and setting expectations.
Leading with Vision
Leading teams to create a vision for their setting ensuring it becomes embedded and sharing the vision with children, families and the community.
Leading to Improve
Developing knowledge, skills and confidence to enable participants to lead their team to achieve individual and setting’s objectives.
Leading Leaders
Building a team to lead change while identifying strengths and empowering others.

Participant Commitment
  • Participation in self-directed introduction before session 1 – available from 01/09.
  • Attendance at all seven virtual sessions – 01/10/21, 05/11/21, 03/12/21, 21/01/22, 25/02/22, 25/03/22 & 06/05/22 1.30pm-3.30pm.
  • Engage in professional reading as identified and self-selected
  • Transfer knowledge into practice throughout programme and reflect on these through a journal and discussion.
  • Participate in peer leadership support trios virtually.
Application Process

We ask that all applicants:

  • Share the programme outline with a member of the senior management team and have their support for application process and the duration of the programme
  • Complete the application form below and return by Friday 17th September 2021.

For more information contact

Building Early Years Leadership Poster

Application – Building Early Years Leadership

Applications must be sent to by 5pm on 21/06/21
You will hear if you are successful by 5pm on 24/06/21