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The revised PRD policy can be viewed here:

August 2019 PRD Professional Update policy doc

An overview of the PRD Professional Update process can be accessed in the guide below:

Schools Revised PRD_Guide Nov 2019 (1).doc

The Personal Review & Development Form should be completed in advance of your PRD Meeting with your reviewer:

Schools Revised PRD_Form Aug 2019 (1)

Coaching Wheel for reflection and self-evaluation against the Standards

Coaching Wheels are valuable tools for supporting self-evaluation, exploring current reality and helping you to critically reflect on yourself as a professional and your practice.

When used as part of the PRD process coaching wheels enable you as the reviewee and your reviewer to:

  • Reflect on what you have done
  • Think about what you might do next
  • Consider your own progress and development
  • Deeply understand your professional practice, your professional learning and the impact of this on your thinking, professional actions, those you work with/support and the pupils and their learning

Coaching wheels help create clarity about the areas of the Standard you wish to focus on, and to perform a simple gap analysis about where you are is now, and where you would like to be. You may use this independently or as part of a structured coaching discussion at your PRD meeting.

Select the wheel relevant to the Standard(s) or key aspects of the Standard(s) you would like to focus on:

There are currently three in-house coaching programmes available; Having a Coaching Conversation, Coaching for Success and Coaching Masterclass.  For more information click on the highlighted links.

GTCS Professional Update Guidance Notes:

Notes for Reviewee


Click  here  to view an overview of MyPL.

Click here to view a short video on how to use the professional learning tab on MyPL.


Deferrals (Reviewee)

Should you need to request a deferral for one of the undernoted reasons, please refer to section 5.7 of the Guide for Reviewees.

  • maternity leave
  • long-term sickness absence
  • career break

Notes for Reviewer


Deferrals (Reviewer)

Should you need to request a deferral for a member of staff for one of the undernoted reasons, please refer to section 6.3 of the Guide for Reviewers.

  • maternity leave
  • long-term sickness absence
  • career break




Your Guide to Career Long Professional Learning for Education in East Lothian