If you are interested in attending one of the courses listed below please indicate which one and the time you would prefer here.

Course 1- An Introduction to SNSA

 This hour long session will provide support for teachers, support staff and school leaders responsible for administering SNSA in the practicalities of accessing the platform and administering assessments.

Course 1 An Introduction to SNSA for Primary 1 Practitioners

 This hour-long session will focus on the practicalities of administering the assessments and provide an overview of additional help and guidance available. Suitable for teachers, support staff and school leaders responsible for administering SNSA with Primary 1 children.

 Course 2. An Introduction to Analysing SNSA Data

This two–hour workshop aims to support groups of teachers in developing their knowledge of how to generate and analyse SNSA data to inform learning and teaching. It will support teachers and school leaders in the analysis of individual, class and school SNSA data

 Course 4. Using SNSA Data to Support Improvement

This two-hour workshop supports teachers and school leaders – who have already attended Course 2 or are familiar with the analysis of individual, class and school SNSA data – in considering how this data can be used in improvement.

Course 5. A Closer Look at SNSA in an ASN and EAL Context

This hour-long course consists of a webinar presentation and discussion of using SNSA in practice with learners with ASN and EAL, including accessibility guidelines and practical advice.

SNSA Update

During 2020/21 – P1, P4, P7 and S3 assessments will not be made available to learners who were in presentation year groups during 2019/20 but did not undertake the assessments.

Scottish National standardised assessment (SNSA) data from both the SNSA and the Gaelic Medium MCNG should be used as part of a range of evidence to plan next steps in learning and teaching. SNSA outcomes can contribute to a teacher’s understanding of children’s progress, providing valuable diagnostic information to teachers about the key strengths and development needs children have demonstrated through the assessments. This can in turn help to identify next steps for learning. Assessment best practice is most effective where teachers use a wide range of assessment approaches flexibly to identify strengths, learning needs and appropriate support.

What is new for the 2020/21 SNSA assessments?

  • The number of questions presented to P1 learners in the literacy assessment has been reduced by 10%, equating to one fewer question in each of the three clusters, whilst maintaining overall assessment breadth and validity.
  • The new training course designed for P1 practitioners last session (SNSA Course 1 for P1) will be updated again to include further feedback and practical advice from teachers across Scotland.
  • A range of support materials specific to P1 practitioners is available within the SNSA platform and published on Glow.
  • The learner journey through the P1 assessment has been subject to review to continue to ensure P1 learners experience a gradual introduction to more and less challenging questions, as appropriate to individual needs.