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Learners can complete practice assessments as many times as appropriate.

There are practice assessments available for each stage on SNSA; P1 has a separate Literacy and Numeracy practice assessment, P4, P7 and S3 have a single combined practice assessment. These practice assessments model all the navigation and question formats that appear in the assessment. The practice questions are intentionally easy, so learners are not distracted by the content and are able to focus on becoming familiar with the navigation. Learners can have unlimited teacher support for the Practice Assessment as responses to the practice questions are not part of the final score and teachers can use the practice assessments as many times as appropriate for their learners.

Practice Assessments are assigned in the same way as real assessments and learners can take them as many times as needed, see the assign assessments page for more information.

Accessibility changes

The SNSA system has been updated to introduce some enhancements to accessibility features. These updates are of particular relevance to learners who complete the assessments with a screen reader and also to those who navigate through the assessment and record their answers using the keyboard.
See the ‘Updates to Accessibility’ page, and the main accessibility help page, ‘Administer for ASN’ for a list of the enhancements and new functionalities available.

You do not need to do anything differently to enable learners in your class to access these changes. If there are learners in your class who engage with the assessments in this way, please take time to familiarise yourself with the changes to these features prior to administering the assessments. The Practice Assessments have also been updated with these enhancements, so learners may benefit from familiarising themselves with the updated functionalities in these prior to completing their actual assessment.

Reports are available as soon as a child has completed an assessment. Where learners were presented for the SNSA last session, or in previous years, you can look back at previous years’ outcomes by generating a report. This may be particularly useful to assess progress and help to inform planning.
Information on how to generate reports can be found on the ‘Analyse the data’ pages within the Help Pages.

Outcomes By Academic Year Report Training Materials

On the Help Pages you will find Course 6: Outcomes by Academic Year Report (OBAY) materials. This includes a Training Video and Transcript which covers the key features of the OBAY report, how to generate the report and analysing and interpreting the box and whiskers plot. Go to the ‘Training’ page to find out more.

New OBAY Report

The OBAY report provides an overview of outcomes for each year group and learning area across academic years. This report is available at school level and, for local authority users, at local authority level. The local authority version of the report provides information about the distribution of scale scores for all learners in a given year group who have completed an assessment in your local authority in the learning area of interest. Local authority users can also look in more detail at an individual school’s outcomes by academic year reports. See the ‘OBAY’ help page for more information.

Tips from the SNSA Service Desk team

Pre-assessment checklists for P1, P4, P7 & S3
Following teacher feedback we added pre-assessment checklists for P1, P4, P7 & S3 assessments on SNSA Help. These checklists are designed to provide a summary of things to consider before assessing your learners. We have information available on SNSA Help pages, as a PDF download and as a Quick Start Training Video. Go to P1 Pre-assessment Checklist, and P4,P7 & S3 Pre-assessment Checklist to find the checklists.

Learner name on log in screen
When a learner logs in to their SNSA account they’ll see their name on the screen. Check with your learners to ensure they can see their own name as this will confirm that they’ve logged in correctly and should prevent any of your learners from accidentally sitting an assessment on the wrong account. You may prefer all your learners to have the same password, allowing them to log-in to the SNSA system with ease with their unique username. This could be especially useful for teachers who may be logging in for their learners. Go to Prepare for the Assessment – Password guidelines for information on changing your learners’ passwords.

Contact the Service Desk
The SNSA Service Desk is available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday ready to answer any questions you may have. Kelly, Scot, Andrew and Hazel would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact the team on 0330 403 0041 or email: