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“The most successful education systems invest in developing their teachers as reflective, accomplished and enquiring professionals who are able, not simply to teach successfully in relation to current external                    expectations, but who have the capacity to engage fully with the          complexities of education and to be key actors in shaping and leading     educational change.”

Teaching Scotland’s Future: Report of a review of teacher education in Scotland, G Donaldson, Scottish Government (2011)

The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s (GTCS) state that:

Leadership is central to educational quality” and define Leadership in an educational context as the ability to:

  •  develop a vision for change, which leads to improvements in               outcomes for learners and is based on shared values and robust            evaluation of evidence of current practice and outcomes;
  • mobilise, enable and support others to develop and follow through on strategies for achieving that change”

The GTCS Professional Standards and supporting guidance have been developed to support self-evaluation within professional learning. As teachers progress through their careers, the Standards can be used to identify, plan and develop professional learning needs, ensure continuing development of professional practice as part of the PRD process and help teachers to prepare for a variety of roles. All teachers are leaders of learning whether in a classroom or in a promoted post.

Within East Lothian we have a framework for Leadership for those in, or aspiring to, formal leadership roles.

Education Leadership Framework

Leadership development is a key area on the national policy agenda in Scottish education. There is a clear commitment to the development of leadership at all levels within our schools.

The link to the latest framework is below:

January 2021- Education Leadership Framework

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