Leading from the Middle


It has been designed in partnership between the Teacher Education Partnership, of which East Lothian is a member and the University of Edinburgh. The course is pitched at Master’s Level (20 credits at SCQF Level 11). On successful completion of this course, it is             intended that participants will have the basis for making an                 Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) claim, should they wish to      enrol on a formal Masters programme (in which there is an          equivalent course).

This course is based around Course 1 of the new Postgraduate     Certificate in Middle Leadership and Management

 Target Audience

Fully registered teachers with 3 years teaching experience, working in professional roles commensurate with the Faculty Principal Teacher / Curriculum Leader remit in order to fulfil the work based components of the course


Part A

Part A of the programme will run over 6 sessions, session 1 is a whole day, sessions 2 – 6 are two hour twilights. As a follow-up to each taught session, participants will undertake short structured    activities related to their learning and work in school. Those              activities involve, for example:

  • critical engagement with the literature through guided reading activities
  • data gathering in own work context
  • reflecting deeply on own practice
  • sharing thinking and practice with and acting as critical friend to others on the course

There will also be local network meetings, participants will be         expected to actively engage in a Local Authority network group,    designed to support them with successful completion and sharing of the structured activities.

All taught sessions to be held at Moray House.

Part B

Two twilight sessions to provide the opportunity to reflect on          experience and to prepare for the summative assessment                process.    Participants will be notified of their Assignment                submission date.

Learning Outcomes

  • offer an enhanced professional development opportunity with tailored support for middle leaders with a view to improving      outcomes for learners;
  • develop participants’ confidence with key processes and             practices relating to middle leadership;
  • encourage participants to engage in collaborative practices working effectively to build leadership capacity within their        setting;
  • engage with learners in their establishment with the purpose of improving outcomes for young people/learners.


Participants will draw from and critically reflect on their middle leadership and management experience to date.  High quality          professional dialogue and critically informed reflection are key      features of this course. The session inputs also provide                    comprehensive support to enable participants to engage at Masters level learning.

For enquiries regarding course content contact:                                    Margo Cunningham, Tel:  01620 828767

Email:  mcunningham@eastlothian.gov.uk


The fees for the pilot course have been met by the Scottish                Government as part of a teacher education partnership                           development grant.  It is not clear at this stage whether subsequent courses will be funded therefore participants would be required to pay for the cost of their learning.  Should funding be made available then the following condition would apply, participants would be required to undertake all formative and summative assessment tasks for this course.

Participants attending are required to have the full endorsement of a member of the school’s SMT, who is supportive of the                        programme’s intentions. Prospective applicants need to ensure that they have met with that member of the SMT before applying.



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