Tutor Information

East Lothian Internal tutors
We greatly appreciate our tutors giving up their time to run CPD sessions for the benefit of their colleagues.   Tutors are entitled to be paid an hourly rate for delivery of these sessions if these are out with their normal working hours.  This is a standard rate agreed between ourselves and Payroll Services.  However, if you are using preparation/delivery of the course as CPD time you cannot claim for payment.

If you would like to claim you will need to submit an invoice to the staff development team in John Muir House detailing:

  • Name
  • Designation
  • School
  • Payroll Number
  • Session you delivered
  • Number of hours
  • Development time (if applicable – see below)

 You are also entitled to claim for development time if it is the first time you deliver a course.  This one off payment is to acknowledge the time tutors spend preparing new material for a course.  You would not be given delivery time for any subsequent courses.  Preparation time is worked out at half the amount of delivery time, e.g. if a course is 4 hours for delivery running from 1 – 5, then you would be given a one off payment of 2 hours for preparation time.

 Please contact a member of the staff development team if you want to ask about the tutor rate or if you want to discuss any other issues regarding this.

 Please remember that you must send in your claim to staff development, this will not be processed automatically.

 You must send in your claim within 3 months. Any claims out with this time will not be processed.

 The register and evaluations for the course must be returned before any tutor payments can be processed so please decide with your co tutors who is responsible for returning these.

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