Professional Review and Development (PRD) Professional Update

Professional Review & Development (PRD) Professional Update

From August 2014, engagement in the Professional Update process is a requirement for registration with GTC Scotland. Professional Update is an ongoing process, which includes the following elements:

  • An annual update of contact details to GTC Scotland
  • Engagement in professional learning
  • Self-evaluation against the appropriate GTC Scotland Professional Standard
  • Discussion of this engagement and the impact of this, as part of the PRD process
  • Maintain a professional learning record and associated evidence of impact
  • 5 yearly confirmation of this engagement to GTC Scotland (Professional Update sign-off process)

An annual update of contact details to GTC Scotland

The easiest way to do this is to create a MyGTCS account, if you have not already done so. Applying for an account is easy and only takes minutes. To create an account go to  Once you have created your account you will be able to access and modify your personal details which are held on the GTCS teaching register. It is a condition of Professional Update and your registration that you keep your address contact details up-to-date as you can be removed from the register if you do not do this.

Engagement in professional learning

Professional learning is what teachers do to ensure their professional knowledge and practice is informed, up-to-date and stimulating. By undertaking a wide range of high-quality, sustained Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) experiences, teachers are more likely to inspire pupils and provide high quality teaching and learning experiences, enabling learners to achieve their best. It is important that professional learning provides rich opportunities for teachers to develop and enhance their professional knowledge and practice, in order to progress the quality of learning and teaching and school improvement. 

Self-evaluation against the appropriate GTC Scotland Professional Standard

The revised Professional Standards came into effect on 1 August 2013.  They are the:

  • The Standards for Registration (for teachers)
  • The Standard for Career-Long  Professional Learning (for teachers who wish to use it)
  • The Standard for Leadership and Management (for middle leaders and head teachers)

Whilst the revised Standards have been designed to meet the needs of teachers at all career stages working in schools, every aspect of the Standards may not be directly relevant to teachers working out with the school system e.g. centrally based local authority staff.  The GTCS plan to develop guidance notes and support materials for teachers working out with the school system.

Maintain a professional learning record and associated evidence of impact

Keeping a professional learning record helps teachers reflect on practice and link planned learning to their individual, school and the Departments development needs. The GTCS has developed an online profile linked to MyGTCS, where teachers can record their Professional Learning.  Details of how to do this are available under the “related documents” for PRD Professional Update.

Discussion of impact of professional learning as part of the PRD process

Professional Update is based on effective, consistent PRD and high-quality Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) focused on outcomes for a teacher’s own development as well as aiming to improve outcomes for children and young people.

The PRD meeting is not a standalone event it is part of the PRD process which is on-going.  The PRD meeting is arranged by the reviewer in consultation with the reviewee on an annual basis.  The reviewee and the reviewer will both prepare for the meeting by referring to the relevant GTCS standards, the previous Professional Learning Plan and the Agenda for the PRD meeting.  All of these documents along with an overview of the process are available under “related documents”.

5 yearly confirmation of this engagement to GTC Scotland

Engagement in Professional Update is an ongoing process, with professional learning and PRD at the heart. Every five years, teachers will be required to confirm their engagement in this process with GTC Scotland through the MyGTCS sign off process. The teacher is confirming the following, endorsed by their line manager, that:

      • I confirm that I have engaged in ongoing professional learning and reflected against the appropriate GTCS Professional Standards. I have maintained a reflective record of professional learning and evidence of its impact on my thinking and professional actions. I have discussed this with my line manager as part of my Professional Review and Development process.

The 5-yearly sign-off process is being implemented on a rolling basis, based on GTC Scotland registration numbers, as detailed in the table below:

2014 -15    registration year ending in 4 or a 9

2015 – 16    registration year ending in 5 or a 0

2016 – 17    registration year ending in 6 or a 1

2017 – 18    registration year ending in 7 or a 2

2018 – 19    registration year ending in 8 or a 3

For example is your GTCS registration number is:

91/1234 you would engage in the Professional Update sign off in 2016 – 17.

    If you have not already begun recording your professional learning you must begin recording your learning on your professional learning record from August 2014 even if your sign-off is not until a later year.

For further information on PRD Professional Update please contact the training and Development Officer, Education on 01620 828767

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