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The revised PRD policy can be viewed here:

August 2019 PRD Professional Update policy doc

An overview of the PRD Professional Update process can be accessed in the guide below:

Schools Revised PRD_Guide Nov 2019 (1).doc

The Personal Review & Development Form should be completed in advance of your PRD Meeting with your reviewer:

Schools Revised PRD_Form Aug 2019 (1)

Coaching Wheel for reflection and self-evaluation against the Standards

Coaching Wheels are valuable tools for supporting self-evaluation, exploring current reality and helping you to critically reflect on yourself as a professional and your practice, and the documents are important for this, so we’re going to use software to read PDFs, such as Adobe which is great for this.

When used as part of the PRD process coaching wheels enable you as the reviewee and your reviewer to:

  • Reflect on what you have done
  • Think about what you might do next
  • Consider your own progress and development
  • Deeply understand your professional practice, your professional learning and the impact of this on your thinking, professional actions, those you work with/support and the pupils and their learning

Coaching wheels help create clarity about the areas of the Standard you wish to focus on, and to perform a simple gap analysis about where you are is now, and where you would like to be. You may use this independently or as part of a structured coaching discussion at your PRD meeting.

Select the wheel relevant to the Standard(s) or key aspects of the Standard(s) you would like to focus on:

There are currently three in-house coaching programmes available; Having a Coaching Conversation, Coaching for Success and Coaching Masterclass.  For more information click on the highlighted links.

GTCS Professional Update Guidance Notes:

Notes for Reviewee


Click  here  to view an overview of MyPL.

Click here to view a short video on how to use the professional learning tab on MyPL.


Deferrals (Reviewee)

Should you need to request a deferral for one of the undernoted reasons, please refer to section 5.7 of the Guide for Reviewees.

  • maternity leave
  • long-term sickness absence
  • career break

Notes for Reviewer


Deferrals (Reviewer)

Should you need to request a deferral for a member of staff for one of the undernoted reasons, please refer to section 6.3 of the Guide for Reviewers.

  • maternity leave
  • long-term sickness absence
  • career break