Teachers as Enquirers Network (TEN)

Your Starter for TEN!

The Teachers as Enquirers Network (TEN) is a new professional learning group for 2019/20. It is being set up by three East Lothian teachers with the support of East Lothian Council and the South East Improvement Collaborative (SEIC). TEN aims to provide a supportive and encouraging community for teachers who enjoy developing their practice through enquiry. This is intended to support year-long professional learning with enquiries chosen and driven by the teachers in the Network over the course of the year.

TEN is open to all teachers who have undertaken some form of practitioner enquiry. This might have been as part of further study, part of a probationer or leadership programme, as part of a school initiative or as an individual teacher.

What will TEN involve?

TEN will meet five times over the course of 2019/20 on five Friday afternoons designated as East Lothian professional learning days (provisionally 27 Sep, 1 Nov, 21 Feb, 13 Mar, 8 May).  Meetings will take place in schools, chosen according to who can host and how far people have to travel. A framework for enquiry will be shared, teachers will choose their own focus and we will share progress, discuss challenges and support each other’s enquiry developments when we meet.

How to get involved

TEN is being set up by Emma Andrew (Law Primary), Fleur Hoole(Musselburgh Burgh Primary) Jenni Ewan (Preston Lodge High School) and Kevin McKenzie, DHT Elphinstone, Humbie and Saltoun Primary Schools because they are teachers who want to undertake enquiry as professional development and be part of a community of enquiry enthusiasts. If you have any questions, you can contact one of them informally. If you would like to join TEN, send an email to staffdevelopment.ecs@eastlothian.gov.uk stating your name, job title, school and email address. Briefly state your experience of enquiry (a sentence or two is enough).

Emma Andrew:  eandrew@law.elcschool.org.uk

Fleur Hoole:  fhoole@musselburghburgh.elcschool.org.uk

Jenni Ewan:  jewan@prestonlodge.elcschool.org.uk

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