Implementing MR Tracker in the Classroom.

Over the next few weeks I am visiting and supporting schools in the Preston Lodge cluster who have had MR Tracker CPD. I have talked to a number of the MR Tracker teachers and already they are reflecting upon and improving their current practise.  The way in which they each organise their numeracy lessons will naturally vary but the tracker will enable them to share a common approach: understanding early arithmetical strategies, observing children to see where they are at, sensitive intervention and tracking progress.

These teachers can take control. They do not need to be dictated to by schemes of work but make decisions about learning and teaching activities based on the understanding of how their pupils are learning.

Over the next few weeks we are going to:

  •  experiment with planning numeracy lessons  
  • identifying key questions that will support active learning
  • experiment with models of organising a numeracy lesson
  • identifying ways to maximise the learning of a pupils 
  • Effective Resources

I shall try to summarise these issues as we tackle them.

One thought on “Implementing MR Tracker in the Classroom.”

  1. Using Maths Recovery techniques at the beginning of every numeracy lesson has ensured that the children in Humbie enjoy working with number, are confident with number and are actively involved in their number work.
    Mr Tracker is based on Maths Recovery and the exciting thing for Head Teachers is that it fits perfectly with the Early Numeracy Outcomes.

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