Children Develop Their Own Strategies.

I have posted this clip because it demonstrates a child’s ability to develop his own strategies:

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This task (usually shown on paper as 4+=6) is a complex one which most teachers struggle to teach. The reality is, that if children are given time to understand the problem using concrete materials and then screens, they will be able to make their own sense of the problem and then develop their own strategies for solving it. It is only complex when a teacher tries introduce a strategy that children do not have the experience to understand.

It is important to point out that the child in this clip is in his first week of P1 and has never had any teaching of numeracy strategies. He is solving the second task based on his experience of the first task. As his experience with number widens he will be able to use more sophisticated strategies to solve the task.

2 thoughts on “Children Develop Their Own Strategies.”

  1. How beautifuilly this clip illustrates the importance of situational learning, described by Margaret Donaldson through her ‘naughty teddies’ research (‘Children’s Minds’ ).

    “No-one learns anything by first mastering skills. Children learn in meaningful contexts – by trial and error, and furthermore this learning must be intrinsically rewarding.”

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