Planning Formats

Two styles of forward plans have been developed so far:

Forward plan 1: This forward plan includes the generic features recommended by the Early Years Strategy Group. It has been suggested that this could be used as a forward plan or a weekly plan.

Forward Plan 2: This plan is less detailed but is perhaps supported by weekly plans.

 I will track a real class and then use this information to develop a few exemplars what these might look like filled in.

One thought on “Planning Formats”

  1. Forward Plan 1 and Mr Tracker will prove an invaluable asset for the successful implementation of the Nurmeracy Outcomes in the early years. The outcomes, whilst allowing for creativity and interdisciplinary projects, do not have the necessary detail for the rigorous, coherent teaching of numeracy. Your tracking and planning sheets provide this in a progressive and relevant approach.
    Thank you Mhairi, Claire, Stephanie and Jen. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

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