MR Tracker in action.

I visited Longniddry Primary today. The infant staff  received MR Tracker training in October and have began implementing the strategies in the classroom.

I have yet to speak to the P1 teacher, but I have been told that she has been using the progressions and teaching strategies as the basis for her teaching. The school reports that there is difference in the children’s  level of understanding of number and the children are further on than what they would usually be at this stage – this is very exciting. I have asked to visit this classroom so I can write about the children’s experiences. 

The infant staff have been using the progressions and techniques for their mental maths session (about 20 minutes each day). In particular they have been putting greater emphasis on number word sequences and number word after/before to improve the pupils knowledge and understanding of the number system. They have also been making more use of spatial and finger patterns. They are now wanting to look in more detail at the progressions so that they can adopt a more problem-solving approach to numeracy. We will be looking at this together over the next few weeks. Of course I shall add these sample lessons to the blog.

 Catherine Jack, Head Teacher, is keen to get the whole school using Maths Recovery techniques. In the future she plans to have all her teachers trained, to varying degrees (She already has two teachers trained in Maths Recovery). The Learning Assistants are learning about some of the tecnhniques so that they can recreate what the teacher has done when supporting children’s learning. This really is a whole school approach.

 I must not forget to mention the wonderful support that the Maths Recovery teachers (Pam Clark and Amanda Hutchison) are giving to the school’s MR Tracker teachers – I am sure this will contribute to the success of MR Tracker in school.