MR Tracker – Is it making a difference?

I met with a group of recently trained MR Tracker teachers

I  started be asking them three questions:

Q1: What did you learn from the assessment interviews?


  • We can underestimate the ability of children
  • It highlighted areas of difficulty and suggested why they were struggling
  • Took a lot of time
  • numbers across the decades are tricky
  • It highlighted the discrepancy between verbal and written maths
  • Children rely too much on their teacher’s approval
  • There is a lot more to early numeracy than level A would indicate.

Q: How have your lessons changed?


  • More Practical
  • I take more time reinforce and consolidate skills
  • Extending children knowledge – always challenging them for more
  • Getting children to explain their strategies
  • Much more self assessment
  • More counting (especially counting back)
  • Faster Pace
  • More active learning
  • Asking for alternative strategies (“Can you show me a different way?”, “Prove it!) 

Q: What are the advantages and challenges of MR Tracker ?


 Advantages: Challenges
Identifying the gaps in knowledge Resources – can’t buy them have to make them
Children accessing lessons at their own level Time management
Children are more willing and able to complete written task/recording because of all the practical experiences Convincing parents/other staff
Active Learning!  
Saves money on workbooks!  
Better Understanding  
More secure of level A concepts