S1 CfE Science at Ross High School

Although Ross High‘s Science faculty have been planning for Curriculum for Excellence for some time, they have had to begin a rethink recently. Until now, S1 Science lessons at Ross High have been separated into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. From next year, S1 Science at Ross High will be integrated into one course. The teachers are therefore taking this opportunity to plan accordingly.

The presenation above summarises their initial ideas. They’re planning three broad themes for S1, each containing elements of all three sciences. Each theme will also contain a project to focus the learning and develop pupils’ skills.

The Science teachers at Ross will now be taking these plans forward in departments and as a faculty. They are interested to hear what other Science faculties are doing? Are you planning something similar, or radically different? They would really like to share ideas. One issue which is of particular concern is how much guidance to provide for teachers. How do you balance the need to support teachers to deliver the course (particularly when it is not their own subject specialism) against the concern of being over-prescriptive?

If you have any ideas you’d like to share you can comment below or email me and I’ll pass them on.