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Earlier this month I carried out an online survey of the Secondary Teachers in East Lothian to find out what their CPD priorities are in terms of implementing Curriculum for Excellence. The survey consisted of 19 statements and teachers were asked rate their CPD need on a five point scale. There was then space for any other comments. The survey was completely anonymous. 84 teachers responded – a huge thank you to you! The summary of their responses can be seen in the presentation above, or you can download the PDF.

In order to work out priorities I found the average score for each statement and ordered them from highest to lowest need:

  • I know what pupils are doing in the feeder primaries and how I can build on the knowledge and skills which they have already developed.
  • I know how I can provide assessments which reflect the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I know how to use the web (including EduBuzz & Glow) to support learning.
  • I know how I can contribute to the development of Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work in my pupils.
  • I have an idea of what my lessons will be like once Curriculum for Excellence has been implemented fully.
  • I know how to plan for collaborative learning in my classroom.
  • I know how to provide interdisciplinary learning to my pupils.
  • My pupils take ownership of their own learning.
  • I can make some changes in light of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I know how I can deliver some of the experiences and outcomes which are the responsibility of all – Numeracy, Literacy and Health & Well-being.
  • I understand the relationship between Curriculum for Excellence and Assessment is for Learning.
  • I understand what Curriculum for Excellence means for me and my pupils.
  • I know what collaborative learning is.
  • I am familiar with the experiences and outcomes which are the responsibility of all – Numeracy, Literacy and Health & Well-being.
  • I can use Assessment is for Learning strategies in my classroom.
  • I know what interdisciplinary learning is.
  • I know where to find information on Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I understand the theories underpinning Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I am aware of Curriculum for Excellence.

I’ve now taken the top five priorities and begun planning the CPD I could offer as a result of this. This is very much at a draft stage, but you can see what I’ve come up with here. Feel free to comment below with any suggestions for changes/additions/removal.

3 thoughts on “Secondary CfE CPD Survey > Results”

  1. Excellent piece of work and I guess some expected and some not so obvious results.

    What online survey tool did you use? am looking at some survey options but have founs some applications limiting. would be interested to hear about the nuts and bolts- X7563

  2. Thanks Bill,

    I was surprised that transition beat assessment – but it might have been something to do with the way I worded the statements.

    I used the Form feature in Google Docs within EduBuzz. Really easy to use 🙂

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