Share Science Resources & Win

The LTS Science team are keen to encourage as many teachers as possible to contribute to the National Sciences Glow Group. So, if you share your plans, ideas, lessons or useful weblinks you could win a £20 gift voucher of your choice.

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Invitation to share

Glow provides a fantastic opportunity to create a shared library of resources, ideas and plans. The internet contains many websites that benefit many users because they encourage collaboration and sharing. Let us make the national Glow sciences page just such a site. By helping you could also win a prize (see Benefits section)

How can you help?

Think of a resource that you have that would help others with their thinking or would give resources that others could use or adapt to their own needs. It could be a lesson plan, an interactive whiteboard resource, a forward plan, a link to a great website that you think others would find useful or an idea you have for a context for learning.

What next?

Go to the relevant section of the national Glow sciences page.

Think about the organiser your resource relates to e.g. Space. Next, click on the Curriculum for Excellence organisers tab at the top of the national sciences page and look for the relevant organiser, in this case Planet Earth, then go to the sub-organiser Space. Here you can post a web link, a document, an idea. Simply click new item. Remember to include on the document or on the notes section, who you are and which school you come from if you want to take part in the prize draw. Please also state which level or levels you think the resource might be useful for.


If lots of people share at least one resource we could begin to have a really good aid to our thinking and teaching and learning. Also you could win a £20 voucher of your choice from our prize draw which will be drawn at the end of February. All the names of the people who have donated will be gathered and one will be drawn to win the prize (we will identify contributors by name and school).

We look forward to see the bank of resources available to everyone growing.

Click here to get involved.