Plans for CfE CPD for Secondary Teachers

As Elise is busy running her planning sessions for primary teachers, there have been a few questions from secondary teachers wondering what I’ll be offering for them.

I am planning to run twilight sessions for secondary teachers following from my survey of CfE CPD needs. Due to the demands of this term in secondary schools, it was generally felt that these would be best run in the summer term. The plans for these events are currently as follows, however I am more than happy to receive suggestions for improvement.

Proposals for CPD to address each of the 5 priorities identified.

1. I know what pupils are doing in the feeder primaries and how I can build on the knowledge and skills which they have already developed.

  • Produce a video demonstrating current practice in East Lothian primary schools – upload to web.
  • Ask participants to watch video before attending and bring at least one question.
  • Hold twilight session at each Secondary School.
  • Ask for volunteer primary teachers from cluster primaries to attend twilight session.
  • Divide session into two parts:
  • Mixed subject groups with primary teacher exploring teaching methods and generic skills.
  • Subject specific groups with primary teacher exploring subject content coverage and specific skill development.
  • Next steps:
  • Ask all participants to plan one/two changes they can make to their S1 curriculum to more effectively build on pupils’ primary experience.
  • Ask participants to plan a system of communication between primary & secondary.

2. I know how I can provide assessments which reflect the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Stand alone twilight session – could be repeated if demand is high
  • Presentation sharing key information from documents (visitor?):
  • Strategic vision
  • BtC5, summary & exemplar
  • Materials from NAR development work
  • Participants use the information and ideas from the presentation to produce an alternative assessment for a topic they will be teaching in the near future.
  • Assessment materials uploaded & shared on CfE website.
  • Participants are asked to comment on the effectiveness of their assessment on the CfE website once they have used it with a class.

3. I know how to use the web (including EduBuzz & Glow) to support learning.

  • Liaise with ICT Team regarding their CPD programme.

4. I know how I can contribute to the development of Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work in my pupils.

  • Stand alone twilight session – could be repeated if demand is high
  • Presentation sharing key information from BtC4 (visitor?)
  • Participants work in groups to brainstorm what they’re already doing
  • Examples shared of good practice – i.e. from LTS website.
  • Participants consider what skills could be developed further in their subject area and produce a plan to do so.
  • Plans are uploaded to CfE website and participants asked to comment on these once they have been tried.

5. I have an idea of what my lessons will be like once Curriculum for Excellence has been implemented fully.

  • Stand alone twilight session – could be repeated if demand is high
  • Participants work in groups to pick out the aspects of a good lesson under CfE from a variety of documents.
  • Groups try to put together all of these aspects into the ‘perfect lesson’.
  • Each participant is asked to pick two of these aspects which they would like to develop further
  • Participants plan a lesson or series of lessons which include these aspects.
  • Lesson plans are shared in the group.
  • Plans shared online and reflected upon once tried.
  • Discussion: Would it be possible to include all aspects of a CfE lesson through the course of a week/term/year…?

In the meantime, we are also currently in the process of launching the Subject Learning Community model for support and CPD amongst secondary teachers. There are planned training days for facilitators arising from this process on 5th March and 7th May.

In addition, secondary newly qualified teachers have been invited to a CfE twilight session this term. These sessions will focus on the outcomes of a separate survey carried out with them and are arranged as follows:

  • Ross High School & Knox Academy – 4.30pm to 6pm, Wednesday 24th February at Knox Academy
  • North Berwick High School & Dunbar Grammar School – 4.30pm to 6pm, Monday 1st March at Dunbar Grammar School
  • Preston Lodge High School & Musselburgh Grammar School – 4.30pm to 6pm, Wednesday 10th March at Musselburgh Grammar School

I’m also considering offering a series of engagement events focusing on Building the Curriculum 5 for later this term. I’d be very interested to know if you think this would be worthwhile – so please use the poll above to vote!