Building your curriculum

In June 2009, a group of East Lothian practitioners attended the ‘Building your Curriculum’ event at Murrayfield.  From this event they were asked to develop and describe a ‘high level curriculum map’ for their school and to identify and develop one area of focus as a first step towards implementing the high level map.

Between June 2009 and January 2010, the group met to discuss their areas of focus and to share their experiences and expectations within Curriculum for Excellence. Each school had a different starting point and end goal and it became apparent very quickly that this was reassuring and in fact, ok!

In January 2010, the group presented their Curriculum for Excellence journey through a market place session at the Head Teacher Conference.  An outline of the different approaches shared at the conference can be found below.  They provide a variety of different examples and approaches which you may find useful in starting or continuing your own school journey with Curriculum for Excellence.

Further information and examples can be found on the Building your curriculum  section of the LTS website.

One thought on “Building your curriculum”

  1. This is cool! Interesting how the approaches vary…. This makes me wonder how important it is to have standardized curriculum at the national level. While it might be helpful to set a minimum-bar standard, it may not be the best to force everyone to meet the same curriculum. We need to encourage excellence above the standard.

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