One thought on “CPD Reminder”

  1. Rich, Cross-Curricular Tasks and Outreach Support

    I am very impressed with the cross-curricular tasks being developed in many schools. The thinking behind this type of learning fits well with the process of acquiring English through immersion in mainstream. It offers the chance to revisit language and ideas in a variety of situations, which can only be of benefit to all pupils with additional support needs.
    In light of this development the involvement of Outreach teachers may have to change. With increased emphasis on group and peer support it will become more difficult to work with pupils individually. The Outreach Teacher could instead be involved in the initial planning stages to suggest appropriate strategies and identify possible areas of difficulty e.g. provide glossaries for key vocabulary, adapt / simplify worksheets, use teacher materials to produce additional support such as listening practice, explain cultural issues. It is more appropriate for Outreach Teachers to be deployed as group support rather than always being linked with one pupil.

    Not only do pupils benefit from having more meaningful tasks but there will be increased joint working between schools and outreach staff.

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