CfE Secondary NQT Twilights

Following a survey of CfE CPD needs I carried out last term amongst Secondary NQTs, I am currently offering three twilight sessions specifically for NQTs focusing on Curriculum for Excellence.

I am structuring the sessions around the outcomes of the survey which highlighted the top five priorities as being:

  • I have an idea of what my lessons will be like once Curriculum for Excellence has been implemented fully.
  • I understand what Curriculum for Excellence means for me and my pupils.
  • I can make some changes in light of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I¬†know how I can provide assessments which reflect the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • I understand the relationship between Curriculum for Excellence and Assessment is for Learning.

You can view the powerpoint I’m using at the twilight sessions above (or download it here) and you can download the documents mentioned in the powerpoint below:

I’m planning to add photographs of the group work from each session to this post. The first of the sessions took place on Wednesday 24th February for NQTs from Knox Academy & Ross High School and you can view their thoughts below:

The second session was on Monday 1st March at Dunbar Grammar. You can see the outcomes below:

The final session took place on Wednesday 10th March at Musselburgh Grammar:

4 thoughts on “CfE Secondary NQT Twilights”

  1. star – interactive session with good ideas for teaching methods
    star – some new information delivered
    wish – given the subject matter, I think it would be difficult to do it any better than it was!

  2. Was good to get Building Curriculum 5 broken down. The session flowed well as it was broken into managable chucks.

  3. I learned more about assessment in CfE than I knew previously. Great exercise to break down the BtC 5 document, interesting to see just how much is done already. Gave me ideas for things to try. I got more out of it than I expected to but I guess I could have got even more had there been more people there. Saying that, there were benefits to having a small group.

  4. Star:- liked the coloured highlighters for actually doing and not yet doing – really showed where there are still gaps

    Star:- liked the flipchart brainstorm of ideal school

    Wish:- whole school needs to do highlighter activity to concentrate efforts in the right areas and discuss what actually needs to happen rather than saying we already do (some of) that!

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