Literacy Development Brochure

The Head Teacher of Wallyford Primary School kindly agreed to share their Literacy Development Brochure on the blog. Here’s where it came from…

As a result of the school’s recent HMIe inspection, an agreed action is that the school will continue to work to involve parents and carers more in their children’s learning. Agreement was reached to focus on literacy, numeracy and health and well being.

Developments include hosting an Open Evening where the parents/carers participate in activities and experiences linked to their child’s learning and stage of development/workshops for parents on reading, writing, numeracy etc.

Staff wanted to inform parents/carers of the steps in the development of early literacy skills in more detail and a core group of staff worked on the publication of this literacy booklet, which includes ways in which parents/carers can support their child at home.

A focus group of parents/carers from early years will be invited into school next term to discuss the booklet’s usefulness and also to have the opportunity to raise any queries and ask any questions. It is anticipated that this focus group will identify a next step in this piece of work.

Click on the image below to download the booklet:

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