Just another day at school?

‘What did you do at school today son?’
‘Really? You must have done something?’
‘Well this guy came in to school from the Outdoor Learning Service. He drove us to their base in Musselburgh where we got kitted out like Arctic explorers. Then we went up into the Lammermuirs and snow-shoed up a hill called Spartelton through meter high snow drifts’
‘But did you learn anything?’
‘I learned how to snow-shoe, how to build an emergency snow shelter called a shovel-up and how to stay warm in sub-Arctic conditions’
‘So you didn’t do any school work?’
‘Well for one thing we did some Physics … I now understand that for a constant mass increasing the surface area reduces the pressure per unit area. That’s how snow shoes work. And …’
‘Ok,ok, that’s enough … can I see any pictures?’
‘Sure , just click here for a full-screen slide-show’

2 thoughts on “Just another day at school?”

  1. What an amazing picture and what an awesome experience. It contrasts beautifully with the recent Evening News headline that health and saftey is leading schools to prohibit pupils from being out in the snow. Good on Preston Lodge for giving this great opportunity to the students and good on the students for being up to the challenge.

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