Food Glow Meet – Tuesday 18th January 4-5pm.

 Food – Supporting Practical Food Skills in Primary Schools.

Use this Glow Meet as part of you CPD to access support agencies and resources for use with classes, either on your own or with colleagues (Generate discussion; ask questions, share ideas, investigate the ‘way forward’ for you.)

 This Glow Meet is a follow up to the event run by LTS in November. You will have the opportunity to hear from three external agencies and a practitioner, what they have to offer and how it can support the work you are doing in this area.

 On the panel:-

RHET – Royal Highland Education Trust

Seafood Scotland

BNF- British Nutrition Foundation

Liz Nicoll – Development Officer for Health & Wellbeing (Food & Health organiser)/Home Economics teacher.

 Sign up for the Glow Meet in advance & put the date in your diary, you may have some questions prepared before which could be answered by the panel on the day.

One thought on “FOOD GLOW MEET – 18TH JANUARY 4-5pm”

  1. If you’d like to take part in this Glow Meet, but need some help getting started with Glow Meet, please contact me. If you haven’t used it before, we’ll arrange an informal “tech rehearsal” in good time to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.
    If you’ve a number of colleagues who’re also interested, perhaps you’d like to join as a group? If you’re planning to do that, with the conference video on a whiteboard, we can now provide a couple of radio mics to help ensure every participant is heard clearly. David Gilmour

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