CfE National Qualifications/Draft Rationales Feedback

Have you heard that the SQA Course Rationales & Summaries have been published but not found a minute to have a look and feedback? Are you still confusing your National 4 with your Fourth Level? If so, sign up for this CPD event on Tuesday 15 March 2011 4.15-6.15pm, Buffet Room, Townhouse, Haddington.

More details below from CPDShare:

Benefits of attending

  • Attendees will be given up to date information on Design Principles, timescales and future developments on the National Qualifications in line with Curriculum for Excellence. Teaching staff will have the opportunity to evaluate recent draft publications.
  • Attendees will be given the opportunity to work with other subject specific practitioners (where possible) to offer coherent and in depth feedback on the draft publications.
  • Any feedback given will be given directly to the Qualification Design Teams within SQA. Attendees will be given the opportunity to take part in a Q/A session around SQA National Qualifications (CfE).

On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have had the opportunity to provide feedback on draft publications that will be directed to SQA QDTs.
  • Have gained a better understanding of the new National Qualifications and their developments.
  • Have a better knowledge of when future developments are going to materialize and how to keep informed of these.

Outline Programme

  • Information will be provided on the developments of the new National Qualifications for CfE.
  • Opportunity to gather coherent feedback on the recent draft publications.
  • Q & A session with focus on developments of National Qualifications.

Tutor: Scott Murphy, SQA

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