Thank You

Today is my last day as a Curriculum for Excellence Development Officer. After the Easter Holidays I’m off to be a Biology Teacher at Preston Lodge High School.

I just wanted to put a short post on here to thank you for tolerating my endless CfE posts, I hope you found some of them useful. The blog will be continuing, but probably with slightly less input from me. Remember, if you work in East Lothian you are free to have yourself added to this blog as an author to add your own post, just email me and I’ll add you. Alternatively, send your contribution to the CfE email address and someone will pick it up and add it for you I’m sure.

If for some strange reason you find yourself missing my posts, don’t forget that you can get plently more over on my own blog: – a shameless plug I know, but I couldn’t resist.

Thanks again and best wishes,