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Scottish Government Project, Learning Progressions in STEM 3-18

 STEM-ED Scotland is currently undertaking work for the Scottish Government illustrating journeys of learning that show how understanding of the core concepts/ideas and scientific skills can be built up from nursery to secondary (3-18) in two big ideas in science. The project is at a crucial stage and we are holding twilight sessions to consult with teachers on issues such as suitability for classroom practice and content.

 Participation is voluntary and would involve looking at the pathways and providing feedback in a facilitated discussion that is expected to take around 60 to 90 minutes. Travel expenses for attending the meeting will be covered and refreshments provided.

We are aiming to hold sessions on Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Tuesday 17th May in either Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee. The sessions will start at 16.30pm and finish around 18.00pm. If you would like to contribute and are unable to attend one of the sessions there will be an opportunity to provide feedback online. 

Please contact us if you think you can contribute your expertise on Energy Transfer (Energy is transferred when things change or are made to happen but the total amount of energy in the Universe is always the same).

Send an email to with your name, organisation and your area(s) of expertise (primary teacher or secondary teacher, and your subject area – biology, chemistry, physics, technology or mathematics). Please also indicate your preferred venue and availability. 

Connecting it up: towards a Route Map for STEM Education in Scotland

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