STEM Central – Making connections across the curriculum

This new resource from Learning and Teaching Scotland is packed with ideas and resources and links to help you create learning experiences that bring STEM subjects to your pupils. Using the focus of engineering, the STEM Central website offers stimulating and challenging experiences for sciences, technologies, engineering and maths based around topical contexts such as electric transport and renewable energy.

All the teaching ideas are linked to specific Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes at levels three or four, and the learning journeys are supported with videos, activities and challenges, links to additional resources and advice and information. To help inspire your learners, there are also links to careers resources and the real-life stories of contemporary Scottish engineers.

It enables you to explore the key learning and teaching approaches that can support STEM learning and meets the aims of the ‘Science & Engineering 21 – An Action Plan for Education’ by highlighting the big issues around science today and allowing young people to gain an insight in engineering careers in Scotland. See the STEM Central website