What is Curriculum for Excellence?

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It’s all changed since I was at school.’
We all have memories of what life was like for us at school and will notice changes in our own children. In this world of new technology and growth our children sometimes have greater knowledge and skills than we have!

As times change, education and schools have to adapt to keep up with these changes taking place in the world around us.

Curriculum for Excellence is a new way of looking at the curriculum that builds on best existing practices in Scottish Education. It is a continuing process to encourage more learning through experiences to best ensure that children and young people are prepared for the complex world they will be living in.

What’s the point of this site?

This site aims to share and support the steps made by East Lothian’s teachers, learners and parents as we move towards Curriculum for Excellence. Hopefully you will find that the site is regularly updated with news and useful resources. You’ll also find links to useful documents and websites. If you’d like us to add something, please get in touch.

Who’s behind this site?

News, events and links are collated and managed by the Curriculum for Excellence team at East Lothian Council.

Sharing and supporting steps made by East Lothian learners, parents and teachers.