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Social and Emotional Wellbeing-self evaluation tool


Principles for effective action: Promoting children and young people’s social and emotional wellbeing in education establishments.

A self-assessment tool for strategic partners delivering health and wellbeing within Curriculum for Excellence’.

These resources are for strategic partners involved in supporting staff within schools and learning establishments to deliver health and wellbeing within Curriculum for Excellence. For example, those employed within public health, health improvement and NHS services; strategic planners within NHS Boards; professionals with public health as part of their remit in education; education support services; social work services; local authorities and the wider voluntary and community sectors.   

Self evaluation of hwb

STEM ED – Scottish Government Project

Scottish Government Project, Learning Progressions in STEM 3-18

 STEM-ED Scotland is currently undertaking work for the Scottish Government illustrating journeys of learning that show how understanding of the core concepts/ideas and scientific skills can be built up from nursery to secondary (3-18) in two big ideas in science. The project is at a crucial stage and we are holding twilight sessions to consult with teachers on issues such as suitability for classroom practice and content.

 Participation is voluntary and would involve looking at the pathways and providing feedback in a facilitated discussion that is expected to take around 60 to 90 minutes. Travel expenses for attending the meeting will be covered and refreshments provided.

We are aiming to hold sessions on Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Tuesday 17th May in either Stirling, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee. The sessions will start at 16.30pm and finish around 18.00pm. If you would like to contribute and are unable to attend one of the sessions there will be an opportunity to provide feedback online. 

Please contact us if you think you can contribute your expertise on Energy Transfer (Energy is transferred when things change or are made to happen but the total amount of energy in the Universe is always the same).

Send an email to with your name, organisation and your area(s) of expertise (primary teacher or secondary teacher, and your subject area – biology, chemistry, physics, technology or mathematics). Please also indicate your preferred venue and availability. 

Connecting it up: towards a Route Map for STEM Education in Scotland

 STEM-ED Scotland

University of Glasgow

12A The Square


G12 8QQ

T: 0141 330 7407



Young Scot – Consultation on Body Image

The Young Scot/NHS Health Scotland Young People’s Health Panel are carrying out a consultation with young people on body image. They would like to find out if young people in Scotland are under pressure to look a certain way and what influence magazines and film/TV have on young people’s body image.

If you know or are working with any young people who would be interested in giving their views, they can log on to Young Scot Says Who to take part in the consultation:

If you would like to find out more about the consultation, or would like paper copies of the survey questions please contact Lorna from Young Scot at


Food Glow Meet – Tuesday 18th January 4-5pm.

 Food – Supporting Practical Food Skills in Primary Schools.

Use this Glow Meet as part of you CPD to access support agencies and resources for use with classes, either on your own or with colleagues (Generate discussion; ask questions, share ideas, investigate the ‘way forward’ for you.)

 This Glow Meet is a follow up to the event run by LTS in November. You will have the opportunity to hear from three external agencies and a practitioner, what they have to offer and how it can support the work you are doing in this area.

 On the panel:-

RHET – Royal Highland Education Trust

Seafood Scotland

BNF- British Nutrition Foundation

Liz Nicoll – Development Officer for Health & Wellbeing (Food & Health organiser)/Home Economics teacher.

 Sign up for the Glow Meet in advance & put the date in your diary, you may have some questions prepared before which could be answered by the panel on the day.

Smoking Prevention Survey

NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service in partnership with Fast Forward and West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service currently co-ordinates a range of smoking prevention activities aimed at reducing the uptake of smoking among young people ages 12-24 years.

Delivery of the work is undertaken by the YSTEP team in each of the 4 local authority areas.

To help us monitor progress and identify key issues arising for staff in agencies that work with young people, we would be grateful if you could complete a short questionnaire. This should take just a few minutes and can be accessed via the web-link below (you may have to use CTRL and click in order to follow the link)

The closing date for the survey is Friday 10th December.

All information provided is confidential and anonymous.

Paper copies of the questionnaire can be provided – please contact 

Colin Lumsdaine, Senior Health Promotion Specialist (Tobacco and Young People) Health Promotion Services, NHS Lothian – telephone 0131 536 3522  if you need these.

Many thanks for your help