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Update on Maths Recovery CPD in East Lothian.

This session the Maths Recovery Team have delivered MR Tracker sessions to individuals, departments, whole schools and even whole clusters!  We will continue to run courses as and when requested.

In addition to this, the team have been busy creating MR Tracker boxes for every school. These contain a variety of resources which support this approach. After the Easter break, we aim to hold drop-in sessions where teachers can collect a box for their school, meet their cluster Maths Recovery Teachers and get fresh ideas. We hope that this will lead to further drop-in sessions where teachers  can share good practice and support one another. Watch this space!

Four members of the team are also working towards a PGCE in Maths Recovery. Once completing this course, they will support full Maths Recovery training within this authority. This in-depth course would be of particular interest to SfL teachers, secondary maths teachers and primary teachers who wish to further develop their knowledge of maths recovery teaching. These courses should be available from October 2009.





MR Tracker – Is it making a difference?

I met with a group of recently trained MR Tracker teachers

I  started be asking them three questions:

Q1: What did you learn from the assessment interviews?


  • We can underestimate the ability of children
  • It highlighted areas of difficulty and suggested why they were struggling
  • Took a lot of time
  • numbers across the decades are tricky
  • It highlighted the discrepancy between verbal and written maths
  • Children rely too much on their teacher’s approval
  • There is a lot more to early numeracy than level A would indicate.

Q: How have your lessons changed?


  • More Practical
  • I take more time reinforce and consolidate skills
  • Extending children knowledge – always challenging them for more
  • Getting children to explain their strategies
  • Much more self assessment
  • More counting (especially counting back)
  • Faster Pace
  • More active learning
  • Asking for alternative strategies (“Can you show me a different way?”, “Prove it!) 

Q: What are the advantages and challenges of MR Tracker ?


 Advantages: Challenges
Identifying the gaps in knowledge Resources – can’t buy them have to make them
Children accessing lessons at their own level Time management
Children are more willing and able to complete written task/recording because of all the practical experiences Convincing parents/other staff
Active Learning!  
Saves money on workbooks!  
Better Understanding  
More secure of level A concepts