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Useful website

The Count Me in Too website is worth a look.  It is informative and offers practical advice for class teachers.


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Count Me In Too is a project operating across New South Wales, Australia. It is designed to assist teachers broaden their knowledge of how children learn mathematics by focusing on the strategies students use to solve arithmetic tasks.

The project aims to improve the educational outcomes in mathematics for all students through professional development of teachers. It achieves this by increasing teachers’ understanding of how children develop increasingly sophisticated ways of solving arithmetical problems. The research-based learning framework used in the project provides direction for teaching and learning.

MR Tracker – getting started

 •Initially ‘roam the known’ – Choose activities similar to the assessment  interview to start with

•Plan daily – include 4-6 progression activities

•Consider and hypothesise about the current ways of thinking based on an initial interview or early lessons (OBSERVATIONS)

•Test your hypothesis by posing tasks and closely observe response

•Modify your hypotheses if necessary and continue the cycle

•Monitor children’s willingness to tackle the problem and how comfortable they are

•With practice and reflection teachers can learn to adjust in subtle and important ways the pace, difficulty and challenge in the tasks.

•Tailor the teaching as closely as possible to the initial and ongoing assessment. It should be at the cutting edge of children’s knowledge (ZPD)

•Activities should continually challenge with the aim to bring about reorganisations in the child’s thinking and the development of more sophisticated strategies.

•Use the skills of wait time, repeating, reposing and probing responses which you learned in the assessment phase.