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EAL guidelines

The Outreach Teacher for English as an Additional Language is often seen supporting bilingual pupils in the classroom but not always involved in planning or capacity building. It is hoped that the EAL SERVICE GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOLS will outline the full scope of the service.

The document explains:

  • the various roles of the EAL teacher
  • timetabling
  • referrals
  • prioritisation
  • advice on planning support and preparing for new pupils
  • additional information and resources

Click here to download the guidelines.

EAL Profile of competency

The EAL profile of competency has been developed by City of Edinburgh EAL Service and is available to downlaod for free on learning resources area of LTS website.

The profiles are available to download for Primary and Secondary.

The profile contains recording sheets for each line of development of language at each age band and stage of English.  Pupil progress can be monitored on the basis of observations and formative assessments made of the pupil’s language development.  Profiles can then be passed on to the next class teacher as the pupil moves through primary, then passed on the Secondary school at transition.

Within East Lothian, one of the sub-groups of the Literacy Strategy is looking at the Formative Assessment Tool and they have put forward suggestions to incorporate achievements and progress by EAL students.  The Profile of competency provides a guide to the skills that our staff are developing within EAL.  Any comments on the use of the profile would be welcomed by the group.

You can find more information about supporting EAL pupils on the East Lothian EAL site.