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The Glider Challenge @ National Museum of Flight

The Glider Challenge at the National Museum of Flight

Session aimed at P6/7 – S1/2

Starting 1.30pm Tuesday 15th December 2009

Meet in the National Sciences Glow Group

Joint Sciences/Technologies Event

Adam Love-Rodgers


On December 17th 1903 the Wright Brothers achieved the first powered, controlled, heavier than air aeroplane flight, it took about 12 seconds and flew less than 40 meters. To celebrate the event the National Museum of Flight is working with Learning Teaching Scotland to create a Glow Meet setting your pupils a challenge similar to that faced by the Wright Brothers.

The Challenge

To build a glider that will carry 50grams of modelling clay to fly as far as possible.

The glider must be able to fit through a hole 300mm by 300mm.

The glider must not weigh more than 250grams including the modelling clay.

The meet will begin at 1.30pm with a member of the National Museum of Flight giving a short presentation explaining a bit about the museum of flight and what it offers and explaining the four forces of flight. The challenge will then begin and classes will have just over an hour to make their gliders (some classes may choose to keep working on the testing and adjusting process the next day. The class live at the meet will make their gliders and test them at the museum. Finally there will be a summing up session. During the meet classes will be able to post comments and questions and the discussion board will remain open till the end of the school term. Instructions about the challenge, equipment and risk assessment are available for teachers to download prior to the event.

from Wendy French
Development Officer, Learning and Teaching Scotland

ICT Education Newsletter

The latest edition of the East Lothian ICT Education Newsletter has been released. You can download it by clicking on the image above.

I’d like to draw your attention in particular to David Gilmour’s article ‘Horses for Courses: Choosing on-line learning tools in East Lothian schools’. Lots of teachers in East Lothian want to know how EduBuzz and Glow fit together and where we’re going in East Lothian. David has done a great job of explaning this here.

Glow Refresh

Many of you will have logins for Glow, and even more will have heard of it.

We wanted to make you aware of an interesting development at Glow HQ. A Glow Refresh is underway which will add some features which many have been asking for.

The improvements included are:

  • There are 6 themes in Glow just now, 4 new ones are going to be added to give 10 in total to choose from.
  • Glow Forums – new discussion board functionality based on phpBB. This will be introduced to Glow in addition to the current discussion board functionality.
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Upgrade to mail storage
  • Upgrade to portal storage
  • Upgrade to mail functionality
  • Management reporting
  • A number of smaller changes

This is a very encouraging development and we’ll let you know when the new features are added. You can read more on this on the Glow Scotland Blog or by visiting the Glow Refresh Group (requires a Glow login).

If you’re an East Lothian teacher and you want a Glow login, email David Gilmour.