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Finland: Strong Performer and Successful Reformer in Education

Following the publication of the PISA results yesterday (you can see Scotland’s summary here) the OECD has published a number of videos giving an insight into the education systems of the top performers. We’re hearing a lot about education in Finland these days, but few of us have been there to see for ourselves which is why I thought it was worth sharing this video.

You can see more here.

Useful website

The Count Me in Too website is worth a look.  It is informative and offers practical advice for class teachers.


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Count Me In Too is a project operating across New South Wales, Australia. It is designed to assist teachers broaden their knowledge of how children learn mathematics by focusing on the strategies students use to solve arithmetic tasks.

The project aims to improve the educational outcomes in mathematics for all students through professional development of teachers. It achieves this by increasing teachers’ understanding of how children develop increasingly sophisticated ways of solving arithmetical problems. The research-based learning framework used in the project provides direction for teaching and learning.

The 2008 Maths Recovery Conference

This Maths Recovery conference will give you the opportunity to hear from the developers of the Maths Recovery programme, the authors and contributors of the books and to participate in workshops run by Maths Recovery practitioners from other countries.

The conference will be held in the Castletroy Park Hotel, Dublin Road, Limerick, Ireland.

Full details, including how to book, are available by downloading the conference leaflet: mrc-conference-2008.pdf.