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Building a Curriculum for West Barns Primary School

West Barns Primary School was inspected in November 2013.  The lead inspector during the feedback challenged the school community to develop the curriculum to make it the ‘West Barns Curriculum’.  Over the past 18 months, the school community has worked to develop the curriculum – moving from ‘a blank wall’ to a shared understanding of the rich West Barns Curriculum experienced by the learners.  Follow the link to the West Barns Curriculum Magazine to look at how the school has outlined the curriculum for parents:

Curriculum for West Barns BOB


TYNE & ESK WRITERS: The Young Writer of the Year 2013

Open to all schools and pupils living in East Lothian and Midlothian

 How many of your students will enter this competition which encourages young people to write creatively?

 Competition subject

Let your imagination run wild – entries will be accepted on any topic

 Two categories of entry

  • P4- P7
  • S1 – S4


There are two sets of prizes – one for East Lothian and one for Midlothian consisting of:

Best poetry
Best prose      

All the winners will receive a £10 book token plus a family day pass to the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.         

Overall Young Writer of the Year winner P4- P7 will receive an iPod Shuffle plus a family day pass to the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.       

Overall Young Writer of the Year winner S1- S4 will receive an iPod Shuffle plus a family day pass to the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.      

 Award Ceremony

Winners of the competition will have prizes presented at Tranent Library on Monday 23 September at 4.30pm

Closing date for entries

Friday 14 June 2013

Why participate

  • Fits with Curriculum for Excellence
  • Good evidence for HMIe inspections
  • Encourages creativity

For more information contact

Story Lab

Story Lab is this year’s Tesco bank Summer Reading Challenge. It celebrates the power of stories and the imagination.

Aimed at children aged 4-11 years, the Summer Reading Challenge can help primary schools avoid the “summer holiday dip” in pupils’ reading motivation and attainment, widen pupils’ reading range and repertoire and boost their desire to read at home, as shown by research carried out by the UK Literacy Association (UKLA).

Please see the downloadable Staffroom Poster explaining the challenge.

Help to promote the Summer Reading Challenge in school by linking with your local library.

For more information visit

Or contact your local library.

Glovember – Glow Book Month

Schools are invited to take part in Glow Book Month.  This consists of:

  • Competition (Literacy) – enter & win prizes for your stories & poems
  • Competition (Art) – design a book cover
  • Glow TV – take part in National Glow Meets and meet and collaborate with authors
  • Published – have your story/poem published in an ebook

 The authors taking part in the event will also be the judges of the competition entries.  These will be judged in three age categories: Early Primary (P1 – P4), Late Primary (P5 – P7), Secondary (S1 – S6).

 At the moment, the following authors are confirmed – Caroline Clough, Lari Don, Janis Mackay & Alette J Willis.

Find more information in the national Glow Group Glovember – Glow Book Month.

You will need a Glow password to access this.