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Heather Reid Glow Meet

Delegates and government officials have now arrived in Copenhagen for the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference and people around the world will be watching to see if the negotiations will deliver a tough new deal to tackle climate change.

Learning and Teaching Scotland is giving your school an opportunity to take part in the debate and learn about more about the issues involved:

Heather Reid Glow meet

11:20am – 11:50am on Wednesday 9th December 2009

Join this Glow meet and put your questions on weather, climate and global warming to Heather Reid, BBC weather presenter and professional meteorologist.

Join the Glow meet on the Sustainable Development Education Glow page at

Submit your question in advance by emailing Ian Menzies at

New SSERC Website

SSERC have launched their new website. Within the curricular resource section they have a section for Curriculum for Excellence. Within this they have the Experiences and Outcomes for the sciences, technologies, health & wellbeing, social studies, numeracy & mathematics and art & design.

For some of these Experiences & Outcomes, useful resources have been uploaded. Hopefully more and more will be added over time.

SQA Promoting Science

During 2010, SQA are planning a range of activities to promote science subjects and qualifications. This includes two competitions…

The Big Experiment! SQA is committed to creating and supporting science qualifications that will develop and inspire future generations of scientists and so we are inviting you to take part in our Big Experiment competition.

Science/Engineering Teacher of the Year Have you ever had a teacher who helped you to understand more about the world, or whose lessons caught your imagination?