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Building a Curriculum for West Barns Primary School

West Barns Primary School was inspected in November 2013.  The lead inspector during the feedback challenged the school community to develop the curriculum to make it the ‘West Barns Curriculum’.  Over the past 18 months, the school community has worked to develop the curriculum – moving from ‘a blank wall’ to a shared understanding of the rich West Barns Curriculum experienced by the learners.  Follow the link to the West Barns Curriculum Magazine to look at how the school has outlined the curriculum for parents:

Curriculum for West Barns BOB


Glowing Thursday with HMIE

David Watt is Lead Inspector in HMIE with responsibility for additional support needs including education authority day special schools. Recently he was involved with the team responsible for the update report on success in meeting the additional support needs of specific groups and the report on mental health issues. He maintains a healthy interest in coffee, football and travel.

David will discuss approaches to improving quality of provision for those with additional support broadly across Supporting Learners and considering practice in special schools and units. He will also update colleagues about practices in taking forward Curriculum for Excellence, developments in inspection and review and direction of travel towards the new agency.

Sign up now and join us on Thursday 12th May from 4-5pm

Chalk Face CfE Blog

The LTS Area Advisor Team have begun putting together a blog aimed at practitioners in primary, ASN and early years settings.

Practitioners like to talk to other practitioners and they do this with increased confidence when what they are discussing is based on successful real life experience. To this end, a new blog is now available to support CfE in primary, ASN and early years settings. It has been set up for people who are working at the ‘chalk face’. Visit the blog to hear what other practitioners have been doing and see the links to other related support and guidance on the LTS website. The blog will be looking at ‘what could I do now and how might I do it’ in a range of areas.

Some East Lothian Schools have already been involved in sharing their practice…

Stoneyhill Primary School: Driving consistency of practice in CfE

Dunbar Primary School: Planning teaching with colleagues

Pencaitland Primary School: Building Confidence in Assessment and Moderation

Well done to those who’ve been involved. Check out the blog for more videos.

“a RIGHT blether”: A useful framework for ethos?

2010-03-24_2227Cast your mind back to the early stages of CfE, and you may remember that the ethos and life of the school as a community is described as the starting point for learning. But it’s not an easy thing to monitor and develop. That’s where A RIGHT blether, an exciting new development from Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner, Tam Baillie, could help.

Tam’s hosting a series of events around the country to launch a RIGHT blether.  It’s a Scotland-wide project aimed at involving thousands of children of all ages – early years to 18 – in informing his work over the next four years.  Yesterday’s Edinburgh event featured a contribution from CfE architect Professor Brian Boyd, who explained how conversations of this type not only underpinned CfE, they also helped promote cognitive development.heavy

Tam explained that the strategic aims were to:

  • raise awareness of UNCRC
  • safeguard rights
  • develop involvement and participation

Through a RIGHT blether, children would be able to:

  • participate in votes, in various settings, with resource packs available
  • create using words, photos, art or drama to tell him about their RIGHT brilliant thing – an example from their school or community where their rights are being respected
  • meet Tam on his Commissioner’s Tour, either in person or on DVD
  • vote throughout November 2010 on issues that most affect them, such as their homes, their learning environment in clubs or school, their neighbourhood and county
  • celebrate the 21st anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child this November

If you’d like to find out more, visit or contact David Gilmour, Lisa Shine or Sheila Laing.

Everyone Learning Together at Dunbar Grammar

Dunbar Grammar School has been featured on the Journey to Excellence site sharing their use of self-evaluation techniques and Assessment is for Learning.

“Dunbar Grammar School has developed self-evaluation techniques and practices to open up, develop and improve the quality of young people’s learning. The Headteacher, staff, parents and students discuss different methods of self-evaluation and how these have enabled everyone to learn together. This film also reviews some of the approaches taken to promote pupil voice and staff review the benefits of Assessment is for Learning across the school.” The Journey to Excellence 

You can watch the video below, or click here to view it on the Journey to Excellence site.