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Building a Curriculum for West Barns Primary School

West Barns Primary School was inspected in November 2013.  The lead inspector during the feedback challenged the school community to develop the curriculum to make it the ‘West Barns Curriculum’.  Over the past 18 months, the school community has worked to develop the curriculum – moving from ‘a blank wall’ to a shared understanding of the rich West Barns Curriculum experienced by the learners.  Follow the link to the West Barns Curriculum Magazine to look at how the school has outlined the curriculum for parents:

Curriculum for West Barns BOB


Glowing Thursday with HMIE

David Watt is Lead Inspector in HMIE with responsibility for additional support needs including education authority day special schools. Recently he was involved with the team responsible for the update report on success in meeting the additional support needs of specific groups and the report on mental health issues. He maintains a healthy interest in coffee, football and travel.

David will discuss approaches to improving quality of provision for those with additional support broadly across Supporting Learners and considering practice in special schools and units. He will also update colleagues about practices in taking forward Curriculum for Excellence, developments in inspection and review and direction of travel towards the new agency.

Sign up now and join us on Thursday 12th May from 4-5pm

New LTS Website

The new LTS Website is here.

The new website brings together information and resources from a range of former LTS websites (including Curriculum for Excellence, Glow Scotland, Enterprise in Education, Global Citizenship, Inclusion and Equality and many more) to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and make links across all areas of learning.

Click here to download a guide to the new site.