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The Outreach Teacher for English as an Additional Language is often seen supporting bilingual pupils in the classroom but not always involved in planning or capacity building. It is hoped that the EAL SERVICE GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOLS will outline the full scope of the service.

The document explains:

  • the various roles of the EAL teacher
  • timetabling
  • referrals
  • prioritisation
  • advice on planning support and preparing for new pupils
  • additional information and resources

Click here to download the guidelines.

The City of Edinburgh’s EAL (English as an Additional Language) Profile of Competence links the stages of English language acquisition (ScotXEd 1-5), with broad age bands associated with the levels of Curriculum for Excellence. The Profile gives a detailed description of the skills and competencies associated with stages of additional language acquisition across the 3 lines of development of language as described in Curriculum for Excellence, namely Listening and Talking, Reading and Writing. The The attached Profile has been designed to assist with this process of initial and ongoing assessment. It is intended for use by class, subject and support teachers to help them systematically and consistently assess the receptive and expressive language skills of bilingual pupils and assign an appropriate stage of English (1-5) to describe these skills. It can also be used to monitor and plan for the continued progress of bilingual pupils through the Stages of English. 

Click on the link below to download materials: 

EAL Profile of Competencies 

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